1. Fourty Years of Experience

Crea was founded at the end of the 1970s by the idea of three engineers with considerable experience in large-scale industry and in ENI in particular. Their enthusiasm and concept created the conditions for the rise of a company aimed to develop the knowledge and the expertise gained in the field of the management of those risks to which people and the environment are more exposed.

Since then, Crea began to be increasingly rooted in the territory, initially at local level, and then nationally, playing a leading role, especially in the world of process industry, Oil & Gas, and large companies in general.

2. The Future: Vision and Competition

The success of Crea has often been connected to the ability to predict market changes and demands. In 2016, Crea felt the need to endow itself with a more structured organization capable of facing a globalized, constantly changing world and when met a company with its same experience, moved also by this need, it became a part of the Igeam Group, a leading company in the field of EHS management services that has reinforced in the years its leadership at national level. This alliance allowed both to start a process of renewal and to strengthen Crea’s growth in its core business: process safety engineering and major industrial risks assessment.

Crea and Igeam have much in common. Both companies, which are endowed with advanced skills in all areas of engineering applied to EHS and industrial processes, are oriented towards progress and international competition. A multi-faceted professionalism allows to discuss any issues, in every field, achieving new and remarkable goals.

3. Beyond Tradition: The New Strenghts

The alliance between Crea and the Igeam group has created the conditions for the recruitment of new senior profiles often coming from very competitive international contexts. These new resources have succeeded in embracing the traditional spirit which is still at the base of the success of the company.

New, verified and updated internal operational procedures. Continuous training programme for the personnel on several fronts. An organization per business unit, able to immediately meet client’s needs and demands, explicit and implicit, thanks to an account manager always available. The enlargement of the scope, thanks to the wide range of services provided by the Igeam group, from industrial hygiene to occupational medicine, to consultancy for technological innovation.

In addition, the development of a maintenance engineering oriented area, again based in Ravenna, supported by the cooperation of internationally recognized professionals. A widespread presence throughout the country. Investments oriented towards both the innovation of working practices and hardware and software equipment, as well as the internationalization of its human resources. A “regenerated” entrepreneurial spirit, more open to the outside world and future-oriented, capable of questioning itself and competing in a changing and complex context. For being a “reliable” reference point for its clients. Without forgetting its roots.